What is a demographic dividend?

A demographic dividend is the accelerated economic growth that can result from improved reproductive health, a rapid decline in fertility, and the subsequent shift in population age structure. With fewer births each year, a country’s working-age population grows larger relative to the young dependent population. With more people in the labor force and fewer children to support, a country has a window of opportunity for economic growth if the right social and economic investments and policies are made in health, education, governance, and the economy.

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Living the #demographictransition, #italy needs faster decisional procedures to better solve demografichs and immigration problems.#votasi.
4 days ago
UCLG_SaizEmilia Saiz
RT @UNFPA: The success of #post2015 depends on how much we make use of The Power of 1.8 Billion youth! #demographicdividend http://t.co/yZY…
6 days ago