Posts By: Jean Christophe Rusatira

October 10, 2017–An article “Aligning Employment, Youth, and Family Planning to Drive Economic Growth” was published in the HUFFPOST. This article highlights the need to focus investments mainly in peri-urban and rural working class. The potential of reaping the Demographic Dividend relies in supporting this increasingly larger proportion of the world’s population.

June 12, 2017–Richard Cincotta published a blog article on political demography, an emerging field that studies population age structures and their relationships to political trends and events. He provides eight rules that can guide such trends and events prediction and provides guidance on available resources for demography’s research history, its basic concepts, models, and predictions.

April 18, 2016 – An article titled “The risk of misrepresenting the demographic dividend” featured in the N-IUSSP magazine . This article describes why countries should take the advantage of the population age structure changes  in a timely and strategic manner.